Want to Learn about the Fundamentals of Energy?

The Energy 101 video series provides high level as well as regional perspectives on energy systems, resources, economics, policy, and technology fundamentals for a general audience from ages 14 to 114. It builds upon a previous and comprehensive Energy 101 MOOC developed by Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute and originally launched in 2012. Nearly 100,000 learners accessed the course in the past decade.

While the videos can be watched in any order, the best way to maximize impact is to watch them in sequence using this playlist. Additionally, the videos can be used individually to supplement lesson plans or presentations.

Written, Presented, and Produced: Richard Simmons, Director of Research and Studies at EPICenter
Filmed, Edited, and Produced: John Thornton, Senior Academic Professional and Director of Film and Media Production, Georgia Institute of Technology
Produced and Marketed: Brent Verrill, Communication Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology
Research and Film Support: Kerri Metz, Research Associate, EPICenter
Research, Film Support, and Editing: Mark Philpot*, Grayspn Eady*, and Andrew White*
Additional Editing: Trinn Nguyen* and Nayla Mostifiz*

Georgia Tech* students had a large part in bringing this video series to fruition.

Energy Supply

Energy Demand

Energy Policy

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