Solar panels on the roof of the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions (CNES) Laboratory at Georgia Tech.

Southeast Transportation Regional Initiative (SETRI)

EPIcenter is part of the SETRI coalition to advance transportation electrification throughout the Southeast.  SETRI partners work together to:

1. Promote regional EV market development;

2. Conduct education and outreach to consumers and decision-makers;

3. Coordinate state electrification efforts and university research; and

4. Collaborate with transportation electrification efforts outside the Southeast.

This work will result in continued job growth as manufacturing facilities are developed across the region, improved energy security and resilience, improved air quality, new mobility options, and reduced energy burdens for low- and moderate-income populations.

Distinctive Characteristics & Strategies for an Energy Partnership to Focus on the Southeast Region

Energy challenges are global, national, and regional in scope. Developing appropriate definitions and identifying practical system boundaries are critical to developing solutions.

Innovation means different things in different regions. Each region has its own distinctive energy resource mix, demographics, industrial base, investment climate, and regulatory structure.

A number of significant demonstration and deployment opportunities exist in which national objectives can be deepened and accelerated via southeastern regional efforts.

These areas include:

  • Large-Scale and Distributed Energy Storage
  • National gas based distribution generation, including fuel cells
  • Low-speed wind development
  • High voltage DC power development
  • Microgrids
  • Community Solar

Click the link below to read more about energy in the Southeast. EPIcenter staff worked with Southern Company to develop a white paper entitled, Distinctive Characteristics and Strategies for an Energy Partnership to Focus on the Southeast Region.