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Welcome to the Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center

Our mission is to conduct rigorous research and deliver high impact insights that address the energy needs of the Southeastern U.S., while keeping a national and global perspective. EPICenter calls upon broad multidisciplinary expertise to engage the public and create solutions for critical emerging issues as our nation’s energy transformation unfolds.

Recent News

Identifying Decarbonization Opportunities in the Southeast

EPICenter supports Georgia Tech partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Climate Change Science Institute to host first Southeast Decarbonization Workshop.

Asst. Professor Dylan Brewer Featured on Podcast
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Brewer was the featured guest on the podcast The Health Deli, where he discussed some of his research team’s surprising findings at the intersection of air pollution and health.

Georgia Tech to Help Develop Georgia’s Climate Action Plan

EPICenter affiliate, Marilyn Brown, is part of Georgia Tech team tapped to help develop the state’s first climate action plan.


New Partnership to Capture CO2 Directly From Air

Strategic Energy Institute and EPICenter Initiative Lead, Jenny Hirsch, are partners in new direct-air capture (DAC) hub to deploy cutting-edge DAC technologies that capture CO2 from the air.

Featured Research

Causal Inference at the Inter-section of Pollution & Health

EPICenter director, Laura Taylor, and affiliate Dylan Brewer show how economists help us better understand the public health benefits of reducing air pollution.

Utility-scale Solar Avoids the Rebound Effect

Matt Oliver, EPICenter affiliate, shows how utility-scale solar better realizes carbon reduction potential of photovoltaics (PV) as compared to rooftop PV.

How do Households Respond to Winter Heating Costs?

Contrary to expectations, study finds surprising result that close to half of households do not appear to respond to increased price of electricity in winter. 

COVID-19 Impacts on Electricity Usage

The pandemic brought about a dramatic shift in electricity use as people stayed home and offices closed. But did it lead to reduced energy demand overall?

Upcoming Events

EPICenter Seed Grant Mini Symposium

May 10, 2024

SETRI Spring 2024 Workshop @ Georgia Tech Campus

June 5, 2024
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Energy and National Security Workshop

July 16, 2024

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